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Vanity Mirrors

Traditionally viewed simply as a way to see yourself; in the last decade it has become a way to express your style and customize the bathroom in a very inexpensive way.

We use only Grade #1 1/4" mirror, not second grade plate mirror.  The mirror is purchased in 4,000 lb crates upto 96" in height and 144" in length.  This allows Glass Images to cut any size mirror you may need with little or no lead-time.  The edge of mirror is polished and sealed with our automated edging equipement, this finishes the mirror with a flawless uniformed edge and allows us to keep very tight tolerences.

The mirrors can also be custom fabricated to meet your needs for light fixtures, electrical outlets, corner notches, or custom angles.  All this is done in-house to eliminate the need for timely and expensive out-sourcing of this work.

Exacting field measurements by Glass Images professionals, quality mirror, cutting edge fabrication techniques and machinery, finally professional installation - Glass Images is the answer.

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